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ScheduleAssist uses two advanced algorithms to make scheduling easier. The first algorithm, which is available only with ScheduleAssist, analyses prior schedules to learn the unique structure of your program. The ability to extract scheduling constraints from previous schedules eliminates the chore of specifying countless scheduling rules.

The second algorithm speeds scheduling by intuitively presenting the information needed to assign residents or fellows to a particular responsibility. It identifies residents or fellows who are able to fill a slot in the schedule by drawing together credentialing requirements, scheduling preferences, and other pertinent information. The custom scheduling program also flags scheduling conflicts and violations of work hour limitations.

ScheduleAssist also uses iPads to streamline scheduling. The iPad can use FaceTIme,, and Google documents to access ScheduleAssist and manage your schedule.

No other scheduling program uses as sophisiticated technology to tackle all aspects of scheduling from collecting scheduling preferences to distributing the schedule. You can access these custom programs without doing any computer programming.


iPad for Scheduling
Pre-loaded and ready to use

All subscribers receive an iPad to sync with ScheduleAssist using:

  • 1. Do - collaboration application to guide you step-by-step through the ScheduleAssist process
  • 2. Dropbox - transfer and store files
  • 3. FaceTime - learn to use ScheduleAssist in teleconferences with tech support
  • 3. Calender - automatically sync with ScheduleAssist
  • 4. GoToMeeting - real time training with the custom training program
  • During the free trial, a $500 deposit for the following year is required from your training program to receive the iPad.


ScheduleAssist is the most comprehensive service available for helping chief residents and fellows make and manage schedules according to ACGME rules.

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Manual scheduling wastes time and causes easily avoidable errors.

ScheduleAssist uses advanced algorithms to speed scheduling, reduce errors, and help satisfy scheduling requests.

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