Video Test Drive of ScheduleAssist
Customized software covers all aspects of scheduling

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Step 1: Analyze Current Schedule to Learn Key Parameters

1. Email previous schedules to

2. Algorithm learns your training program's unique structure and scheduling rules

3. ScheduleAssist transfers information about your training program into proprietary software

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Step 2: Verify Your Residency or Fellowship's Unique Details


1. Receive summary of your training program's rotations (e.g., switch dates, team structure)

2. Work with expert scheduler to confirm key information

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Step 3: Collect Schedule Preferences via Web Survey

1. ScheduleAssist creates on-line questionnaire to collect schedule preferences from residents and fellows

2. Eliminates collecting schedule requests via email

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Step 4: Make Schedule
Custom program eliminates tedious steps...


1. Custom program comes preloaded with scheduling rules and schedule requests

2. Gives you full control over scheduling

3. Eliminates cross-checking for conflicts and tracking program requirements

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Step 5: Double Check Schedule
Catch mistakes before they become problems...


1. Automatically flag scheduling conflicts

2. Verify fulfillment of credentaling requirements

3. Ensure compliance with limits on work hours

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Step 6: Publish Schedule
Share via email and on-line calendars...


1. Create individualized calendars for each trainee

2. Upload schedules to computer calendars (Outlook, Google, etc)

3. Custom summaries reduce complaints about unequal workloads



ScheduleAssist is the most comprehensive service available for helping chief residents and fellows make and manage schedules according to ACGME rules.

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Manual scheduling wastes time and causes easily avoidable errors.

ScheduleAssist uses advanced algorithms to speed scheduling, reduce errors, and help satisfy scheduling requests.

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