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Receive a free on-line questionnaire to collect scheduling requests

Begin by emailing your program's current or previous schedules to An advanced algorithm will analyze your schedule to learn your program's unique structure and extract key information about rotations, teams, program requirements, and switch dates. Once you confirm details about your program, ScheduleAssist will generate a free on-line questionnaire for gathering scheduling preferences from your program trainees. The information collected from the on-line questionnaire will be integrated into a custom scheduling program that you use to make, cross-check, and distribute the schedule.

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Refer ScheduleAssist to your Chief or Program Director...

If your program still makes its schedule manually, refer your chief resident/fellow or program director to ScheduleAssist. In addition to getting a better schedule, you'll receive a $20 gift card if you are the first in your program to email us your current schedule.


Easy First Step
Take 5 minutes to email your current or old schedules...

1. Search your email for old schedules and forward them to

2. No need to reformat your schedule. Send in any file type or form. We can interpret any of them.

3. No charge for initial analysis of schedule.


Second Step is Free Too
On-line questionnaire efficiently gathers preferences...

After ScheduleAssist analyzes previous schedules to determine the structure of your program, you will receive a link to a custom on-line questionnaire that you can send to your colleages to collect scheduling preferences. Instead of filling your email with scheduling requests, the scheduling preferences will be organized into a database that fully integrates with the ScheduleAssist program. The custom on-line questionnaire is absolutely free.


No Cost until Second Year
Free trial for new clients...

ScheduleAssist is free for the first year. For repeat clients, there is no charge or committment until you purchase an annual subscription. You can test on-line questionnaire for obtaining scheduling requests and integrated scheduling software before deciding to subscribe to the premium ScheduleAssist service that includes an iPad.

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Smart Technology at Every Step
Uses the best conferencing and collaborating software...

ScheduleAssist's philosophy is to use technology to handle the tedious aspects of scheduling so you can focus on the most important scheduling decisions. All clients receive an iPad preloaded with apps that sync with ScheduleAssist so you can be guided through the ScheduleAssist process, get assistance, and access the schedule.

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ScheduleAssist is the most comprehensive service available for helping chief residents and fellows make and manage schedules according to ACGME rules.

Reach us at or call 1-888-557-3695


Manual scheduling wastes time and causes easily avoidable errors.

ScheduleAssist uses advanced algorithms to speed scheduling, reduce errors, and help satisfy scheduling requests.

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