Vastly better than manual scheduling and older computer programs
Flexible pricing for any size program

ScheduleAssist will save you time, reduce errors, increase communication, and improve overall satisfaction of the residents or fellows in your program. The service is free for the first year. Afterwards, full-service comprehensive scheduling assistance is affordable ($50 per resident or fellow in your program; $1,000 minimum) and includes an iPad preloaded with software to make scheduling easier. This comprehensive service includes (1) collecting and organizing scheduling preferences through an on-line questionnaire, (2) making the schedule, (3) extensive cross checking, and (4) publishing and distributing the schedule.

There are two options to pay for ScheduleAssist at no cost to the chief resident or fellow. ScheduleAssist will bill your program directly or work with you to be reimbursed.

Save time


Manual scheduling take weeks. Scheduling software simply substitutes the hassles of manual scheduling with the equally daunting chore of translating your program's unique structure and scheduling rules into computer code. ScheduleAssist offers the efficiency of scheduling software without requiring the chief resident or fellow to do computer programming.


No computer coding needed
Leave the programming to us...


ScheduleAssist does all the computer coding. After submitting previous schedules and answering a few questions, the chief resident or fellow receives a ready-to-use, custom program. Instead of describing each rotation to a software program, sophisticated analysis of previous schedules helps extract information about your training program's structure and scheduling rules.


iPad included with subscription
Smart technology streamlines each step...


Paid subscribers receive an iPad to make scheduling even easier. Apps include:

1. Do - Step-by-step directions

2. FaceTime - Teleconferencing

3. GoToMeeting - Training and troubleshooting

4. Dropbox - Transfer and store files

5. Calendar - Organize schedule

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Reduce errors
Can you catch all mistakes?...


Errors can still slip through the cracks. One of the worst errors is failure of a resident or fellow to meet credentaling requirements. Equally bad is a violation of work hour limitations. Extensive, computer assisted cross-checks can catch subtle errors.


Increase satisfaction
A schedule worth applauding...


1. Better accomodate scheduling preferences

2. Increase transparency of the scheduling process

3. Detailed summary reports show equal distribution of the workload


Strengthen your training program
Computer assisted sheduling as selling point...


Most residents and fellows value computer assisted scheduling. Use ScheduleAssist as a selling point during recruitment.



ScheduleAssist is the most comprehensive service available for helping chief residents and fellows make and manage schedules according to ACGME rules.

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Manual scheduling wastes time and causes easily avoidable errors.

ScheduleAssist uses advanced algorithms to speed scheduling, reduce errors, and help satisfy scheduling requests.

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