1. Won’t a computer program only make scheduling more difficult since I will spend hours revising a computer generated schedule?

Many people are concerned about the complexity of creating a program to make nuanced scheduling decisions.  However, since ScheduleAssist does not actually make any scheduling decisions, there is no need to manually check and revise a computer generated schedule.  ScheduleAssist simply collects, organizes, and presents pertinent information so that you can make complex decisions more efficiently.  It also generates reports to double check your schedule and provide instant analysis on how your schedule meets your goals.  By automating the tedious aspects of scheduling, you have more time to focus on key scheduling decisions.  You keep full control over every scheduling decision. 

2. What can ScheduleAssist help do?

Features include but are not limited to:
1. Check for ACGME violations
2. Vary block lengths (e.g., from 2-8 weeks)
3. Tally training requirements
4. Consider preferences for time-off
5. Consider preferences for electives
6. Stagger switch days for different residents and fellows
7. Balance assignments across multiple hospitals and sites
8. Consider continuity clinic days in order to ensure adequate coverage on clinic days (e.g., not all team members have clinic on Tuesday afternoon).
9. Cohort residents with similar professional interests
10. Preserve longitudinal blocks for many inpatient and outpatient rotations
11. Handle restrictions on when residents and fellows can be assigned to a rotation (e.g., interns are not qualified for some rotations until a specified date or after they have done specific rotations)

3. Is there a limit on the information that ScheduleAssist considers for scheduling?

No, there are no limits.  Fundamentally ScheduleAssist collects, organizes, filters, and looks up scheduling information.  It also tallies assignments, generates reports, and distributes the schedule.  We can create customized web surveys and computer code to do any of the above.  ScheduleAssist can be tailored to any relevant information about your residency or fellowship.

4. What doesn’t ScheduleAssist do?

ScheduleAssist does not actually make your schedule.  There are no decision making algorithms built into the program.  The goal of the ScheduleAssist program is simply to automate tedious tasks so you can focus on decision making.

5. Does ScheduleAssist sync with other programs?

ScheduleAssist can handle all aspect of making and distributing your schedule.  Residents and fellows will be able to access their schedules via smartphones, Google Calendar, and Outlook.  It can be used to complement other programs used to manage evaluations and billing.  ScheduleAssist can generate reports and format your schedule in custom ways for import into other programs.  Also, ScheduleAssist can develop web automation software to automate transfer of data into other programs.  This will greatly reduce tedious manual data entry tasks.

6. How can ScheduleAssist be used to make changes to the schedule throughout the year?

Your scheduling software can making changes throughout the year.  The program allows you to delete assignments and then reschedule.  Once updates are completed, you can quickly double check the schedule and republish the schedule.  ScheduleAssist’s web calendars even sync automatically with iPhones, iPads, Androids, Google calendar and other electronic calendars.

7. What will ScheduleAssist do with information about my schedule?

ScheduleAssist keeps all contact and scheduling information confidential.  ScheduleAssist uses information about your schedule only to make your scheduling programs and surveys.  We do not use or sell the information about residents, fellows, or training program for marketing purposes.


ScheduleAssist is the most comprehensive service available for helping chief residents and fellows make and manage schedules according to ACGME rules.

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Manual scheduling wastes time and causes easily avoidable errors.

ScheduleAssist uses advanced algorithms to speed scheduling, reduce errors, and help satisfy scheduling requests.


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